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Jo Walker

Maree is extremely knowledgeable on all things Influencer Marketing.  I learnt so much.  She’s also extremely engaging and easy to listen to.  Would definitely recommend this program to any other business owner wanting to explore Influencer Marketing in more detail.  Thank you

Abbey Tran

Thanks Maree and the team for such an amazing and insightful workshop.  Very useful information session.  I will definitely use these tips in my work.  Much appreciated.

Lauren Gardiner

Thanks Maree for an incredibly engaging and informative workshop about Influencer Marketing.  I would definitely recommend this to any other businesses out there looking to gain further knowledge in this area.

Melanie Alexander

Last night I attended an amazing session on keeping kids safe on social media.  Interestingly (but not surprisingly), technology and social media impact our brains.  And our young ones are more vulnerable.  Teaching your child about mental wellbeing is so important to prepare them all for the external and internal battles in life.   And guess what?  The girls didn’t use the phones or iPads this morning.  We actually had fun getting ready for school and work.

Lisa Thompson

I am feeling very under the weather but I had purchased a ticket to Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media Workshop weeks ago. I was going to cancel and just climb into bed. I’m so glad I pushed myself. Maree and Chrissie ran the most amazing info session. I thought I was up to date with everything. Boy was I wrong! I’ve got so much to learn and talk to my kids about.

These wonderful ladies have equipped me with the knowledge on how I can be the best parent in protecting and guiding my kids to be safe online.

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